With a view to a inexpensive but high-quality system for private use, we, two brothers from Putten (NL), started developing telescopic cleaning brushes in the beginning of 2016. Reason for this was the earlier purchase of a telescopic handle that did not meet our expectations. The pole slided back during use, and the waterhose got stuck several times. We felt that this product could be much better and more user friendly; this was the first step in the development our own telescopic brushes. After we had specified all our requirements, we started with the production.

Proud of our product we launched our online store in July 2016, since then, we have already supplied to many satisfied customers. To improve our service even more, we achieved the WebwinkelKeur Quality-certificate in november 2016. This certificate shows that we act according to the most recent demands for reliability and service, with the aim to achieve and retain satisfied customers.