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Our cleaning brushes are characterized by ease of use. The quicklock-closures ensure that you can adjust the brush quickly to the desired length. The water supply goes through a hose through the shank. By using the ajustable angle adapter of the brush you can set the brush for the most ergonomic way to use. The brush rests on the surface, which will distribute the weight and pressure of the telescopic pole. The width of the brush ensures that you can clean large areas quickly.

Our telescopic poles have a high value for money. High quality poles with useful features will guarantee that you will have a solid product which meets your requirements.


When you buy the waterfed brush, then you do not longer have to rent scaffoldings, buy a ladder or hire a window washer. The purchase of our poles pays of after two times being used.

Aluminium, Carbon Fiber, 3K Full Carbon


Using our telescopic poles prevents you from using unstable ladders or scaffordings. While you are standing on the ground, you can reach the most inaccessible parts of your building. Not only you prevent yourself for getting into unsafe situations, but also you will save time using the telescopic poles; within minutes you will have the pole on the required height and you can start cleaning.


To guarantee the returns of your solar panels, it is important to clean your panels regularly. The efficiency of your solar panel is depending on the amount of sunlight that hits it, so if your panels are covered in dirt, leaves or bird droppings, they will produce less electricity. Various studies have proven that the returns of your solar panels can be reduced with 20% when the panels have not been cleaned properly.


When the telescopic pole is retracted, it is easy to store. You can store it in your garden shed, garage or attic when not using it.

Woodwork cleaning

Your paintwork will be damaged by atmospheric pollution. Cleaning your paintwork regularly will extend the lifetime and will improve the appearance of your residence. Cleaning your window frames, dormers and other paintwork can be hard because often it is not easily accessible. Not only wooden window frames need cleaning, also vinyl- fiberglass- and aluminum window frames need to be cleaned in order to extend the lifetime.

Rolling shutters

Often, rolling shutters are being cleaned, but only from the inside, which is easy accessible. However, the outside needs cleaning as well. Use our telescopic poles combined with the soapdispenser, fill it with for example with car shampoo, and you will be astonished by its results!

Why cleaning solar panels?

Solar panels depend on sunlight reaching their surface to produce power. If there is a layer of dirt, dust or bird droppings on the glass surface covering the panel, then less sunlight will be able to get through. A layer of dust, even less than 0.1mm thick, can block a substantial proportion of the solar radiation, preventing it from reaching the panel to produce power. Studies have shown that cleaning solar panels can increase their power output dramatically. To maintain optimum performance, solar panels should be cleaned regularly. How often this should be done varies with local climate and time of year. Some manufacturers recommend a cleaning regime of every 6 -8 weeks, but more often if the panels are located near heavy traffic routes or other sources of pollution. Since every location is different, it is a good idea to monitor the output of your solar panels regularly, and when you notice that their efficiency is dropping, you know it’s time for them to be cleaned. Some say that solar panels do not need any cleaning, because of the rain which will rinse the panels clean. This is not true, compare it with f.e. the front window of a car; these also need cleaning every once and a while.

Cleaning modules not necessary?

Common myth is that cleaning of solar panels is not necessary because the rain will clean the panels. This is true for some of the dirt, but just like your car windows, solar panels need to be cleaned as well. An survey of more than 10 years on the results of contaminated panels showed that 12% yield loss is no exception, and this can reach up to 20%. In the above image you can, see the effects of bird droppings on your solar panel. Not only does the pollution affect the solar cell, this has a result for the whole string as well, because these cells connect to each other. The image below is the result of dirt rinses down. Because the dirt is on all strings, it causes that the entire solar panel generates less power.

Tips for cleaning your solar panels

Here are some useful tips for cleaning your solar panels:

  1. Check regularly – Inspect the solar panels regularly, about two to three times a year. This way, you can be sure that they are clean and stay that way.
  2. Work safely – Follow the procedure in your manual for shutting down the system before commencing cleaning.
  3. Leaves – If possible, first begin to remove dry leaves before using the telescopic pole
  4. Wetting – If you have much dirt, please first soak the dirt for a couple of minutes with the telescopic pole. The dirt will come off much easier.
  5. Cloudy days – Clean the solar panels clean when there is little sunlight, for example on cloudy days, early in the morning or late in the evening. This prevents the cleaning water dries up too quickly and leave stains.
  6. Check the temperature – Make sure that the solar poles have a normal temperature. The temperature can reach up to 80 degrees Celsius and if you use cold water, the glass can break. This can also be dangerous for yourself.
  7. Let dry – Let the solar panels dry by themselves, if you dry them manually, this can cause abrasions and scratches.
  8. Cleaning when it rains – Rain causes the dirt to come loose, you only have to go over it with the brush. After that, the rain rinses your panels free of stains, so purchasing an expensive osmosis system is not necessary.


Snow and solar panels are a bad combination. If your panels are coverd in snow, they will not generate power as much as you like. Too bad, because the cold weather is often a perfect circumstance for the solar panel to generate energy. It is recommended to remove the snow. With our telescopic handle with the all-round brush you can sweep the snow simply off the panels.

Tips for a longer life of your brush

  1. Brush – When you store the brush, make sure the brush is free from the ground and is facing up. This prevents the hairs on the brush from getting flat.
  2. Retract– When retracting the pole, please make sure that the sections are clean of dirt. This prevents scratches on the poles.
  3. Ball valve – When using the telescopic pole, make sure that the ball valve wil not be bouncing around on the floor. This may damage the ball valve.

Telescoopsteel Carbon Fiber

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Quiklock closures, stepless adjustable

aluminium, carbon fiber, 3K

Aluminum, Carbon fiber, 3K Full Carbon

Adjustable angle adapter

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